Artichoke Extract

Artichoke Extract and Artichoke Leaf Extract

Artichoke extract's health properties for indigestion and cholesterol.

Have you gotten a painful stomach ache after eating a very fatty meal? This is because water is denser than oil and how this causes stomach aches is from the oil and water segregating into layers within your body. When your body starts to digest the part that is mostly oil, that's where it the stomach problems start happening. That is where alcachofa leaf extract comes in. Alcachofa means artichoke in Spanish, and will be used in this article interchangeably. This herbal extract has gained popularity and recent media exposure. It has been featured in many Hispanic supplements as well as on the on the Dr. Oz show. You can find the video, titled Herbal Healers, on their website.

Artichoke extract has been used throughout history for relief and support for stomach aches and indigestion. It has been found that the active ingredient in artichoke that helps is cynarin. Cynarin has bile producing effects. It does this by contracting the gall bladder. Bile is a very important part of the digestive process and is intimately involved with the digestion and breakdown of fat in the liver. It is this breakdown that helps water and oil start mixing together much more easily, stopping the two components from segregating into different layers. This allows digestion to go more smoothly thus providing relief or even preventing indigestion from an overload of fatty foods.

Artichoke leaf extract has also seen results in lowering cholesterol levels. This might have to do with bile and the digestion and breakdown of fats. The liver is where cholesterol is processed, cholesterol is a lipo-protein. Lipo is another word for fat and lipo-proteins are compound that consist of fat and protein. Artichoke extract is thought to reduce cholesterol because of its role with not only the breakdown and transportation of fat and cholesterol, but also because of its antioxidant effects. The antioxidant effects of the herbal extract is thought to help reduce oxidization of low density lipoprotein cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is thought of as the bad cholesterol because it's so abundant in our everyday diet that we easily consume too much of it. High density lipoproteins are thought of the good cholesterol. This is because HDL is thought to be able to bring cholesterol back from the body to the liver to be broken down and reprocessed.

To summarize, it is because of these health properties that one should consider taking artichoke extract. Its health effects on indigestion, the reduction of cholesterol, and its antioxidant capabilities is what make artichoke leaf extract a great herbal healer.

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