What is Alcachofa and the Alcachofa diet?

Alcachofa is Spanish for artichoke, which is one active ingredient in most of the products on this site. The Alcachofa Diet is a diet that consist of supplementing healthy eating choices with artichoke extract. The Alcachofa Diet has roots in South America and has been spreading fast throughout the western hemisphere and it's even being picked up in the eastern hemisphere. Artichoke extract has phytochemicals (plant chemicals) who has shown beneficial results through experimental and clinical studies. Alcachofa is touted as a herbal healer because of the active ingredients cynarin and chlorogenic acid. Together, the active ingredients of Alcachofa helps the body with by providing antioxidants, liver protection, increased bile flow (which helps the digestive system and reduces symptoms of digestive ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome), and also lipid (fat/cholesterol) reducing effects.

There are many various of the supplement you can take, some are capsules and some are liquid artichoke drinks. We personally recommend the Alcachofa Blend Set capsules by BeLeaf Health, out of the two different bottles in the set, Alcachofa Blend is the stronger and more potent formula. The set also comes with Alcachofa Blend (Stimulant Free) version which is recommended to use before dinner. As always, supplements should be used in conjunction with proper eating habits, regular exercise and calorie restricted diets. (That is why it's called a "supplement"!)

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